Collection: Funny Golf Ball Markers

Forget that nonsense Bitcoin. I'd go so far as to say forget currency altogether and trade some of your fiat currency in exchange for WaddaCOIN, our unique & funny golf ball markers. Every time you place your ball marker down, you’re 70% more likely to hit a birdie once you get on the green – guaranteed. 

Unique Golf Ball Markers

Easy Access

These magnetic golf ball markers easily adhere to hat clips, so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your marker or your ball. And once you’re on the green, the likelihood of you hitting a birdie practically doubles once you pick up your stylish marker. Easy access from your hat and even easier access to the 18th hole, where your buddies will be waiting to congratulate you on winning yet another scramble.  

For You or the Scratch Golfer in Your Life

Whether you’re looking to shake things up at your next threesome (no, not that kind) or shopping for a unique golf gift for someone else, these fun golf ball markers are bound to earn a laugh or two. They're perfect for birthdays, Bachelor’s parties, and tournaments; they’ll take all the pressure off of you while you slowly climb back into the game, offsetting those bogeys with birdie after birdie.