FAQ - All Your Questions Answered

Below, I answer your concerns and questions. Please feel free to mail me at if your question doesn't appear below! Easy peasy. 


The currency of the store is US Dollar ($)


How long will it take to get my order?

We ship Monday and Thursday every week. The items are shipped out of Thailand.

For almost every country in the world:

  • EXPRESS SHIPPING: Items sent on a Monday usually arrive 3-4 business days later on the Thursday or Friday of that same week if you choose the Express Shipping option.
  • EXPRESS SHIPPING: Items sent on the Thursday arrive on Monday or Tuesday the following week (3-4 business days later)  for the Express Shipping option.
  • STANDARD SHIPPING: If you choose the standard shipping option, you'll receive your items via the postal service which takes between 10-28 days. It's just as reliable, just a bit slower. 

For the UK, the EU and Canada:

  • Items are sent via international post, delivered by the Royal Mail, your local EU post and Canadian Post. This takes between 10 and 28 days depending on delays due to COVID or other emergency situations. The general delivery time is 10-15 days but note that at any point, there may be a delay.

If you place an order between Thursday and Monday morning, we will send your package on Monday. If you order between Monday and Thursday morning, we will send it on Thursday.

Please visit the shipping policy page HERE




But it's a gift, why is it not here yet? HELP!

If you would like to order a gift for a playa, I commend you for your taste in gifts. But please follow this guide to make sure your gift arrives in time. Nothing worse than a late gift. 

USA, Australia, NZ, Singapore and other Asian countries using EXPRESS SHIPPING:

Please order at least 10 days in advance in case I need to email and confirm orders to make sure it is perfect for your friend/family member. The items arrive 3-4 business days after shipping so plan ahead about 10 days before the celebration for your own peace of mind. 

UK, EU, Canada, and any orders using STANDARD SHIPPING:

Please order at least 35 days in advance. There can be delays in shipping due to covid shutdowns, lack of available flights, postal workers being lazy etc. This is a postal service option and while the normal delivery time is 10-21 days, there can be delays. 



How much is shipping?

Orders above $90 US receive FREE shipping. 

Depending on your region, you will have

EXPRESS DHL (3-7 days) or


Both of these methods are explained below. Both these methods come with a tracking number to trace the progress of your package.

Orders between $33 and $90 : Either $5 or $10 shipping depending on region.
Some countries have a flat shipping fee of $5 for STANDARD shipping via postal service (10-28 days). 

Some countries have an EXPRESS option for $10 (4-7 days)

Orders to the USA, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand have the option of a $10 flat rate for EXPRESS SHIPPING (3-7 days) for orders between $33 and $90.

Orders below $33: Between $3 and $15 shipping
STANDARD SHIPPING (10-28 days) for $3 flat rate 
The EXPRESS SHIPPING option of $15 (4-7 days) is available for some regions.

I really want to help minimize costs for playas who want to be part of the movement and want a small memento. 

Please visit the shipping policy page HERE 

Please check shipping carefully at checkout and select the option most satisfactory for your needs.  



How do I choose which shipping method at checkout?

Please find your country below for more details about the current options on offer for shipping. All options are 100% reliable and please note which one is best for you personally.


Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United States - DHL provide the most stress-free service to your country and require no red tape and more importantly no extra charges to receive your goods. 
* For orders below $33, postal services (20-35 days) to arrive. They are 100% reliable and considerably cheaper so you can enjoy the Waddaplaya magic for only $3 shipping. If you do want it quicker, there is a 3-7 day express option for $15. 

Brunei, Malaysia, Macao SAR, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates - DHL is used as the only option either due to the remoteness of your location or the current COVID and postal service crisis in your location. DHL is the chosen provider as the easiest delivery method to make sure you get your goods on time, and in perfect order.


UK, EU, CANADA - International air postal service is currently the only delivery service. While it does take longer than DHL, rest assured, delivery rate with your local mail service is brilliant 100% successful.

The main reason for only using the postal service is to AVOID the high fees that DHL will charge you for clearing your products through customs on your behalf. This is the simplest, most stress-free way to send to you.



Please visit the shipping policy page HERE




How is the sizing of polos? Western or Asian cut?



  • American playas seem to fit into similar sizes as their polos from home but occasionally need to size down with waddaplaya polos.

  • European playas often find their correct size is ONE SIZE SMALLER than their home country. So for example, if they wear LARGE in Europe, then a Waddaplaya MEDIUM is more suitable.

  • Asian playas always need to size down from a LARGE to a MEDIUM or MEDIUM to SMALL. Please do check the sizing chart below.

Here is the sizing chart - have a look and if you find you have ordered the wrong size, please email me at so I can change it like a baus.

1. You'll need to measure your current favorite shirt across the chest, armpit to armpit and double that measurement in inches.
2. Then from the bottom of the collar on the back of the shirt, to the bottom of the shirt. 


How do I know where my order is?

After your order is placed, you'll receive an email confirming the order.


On the Monday or Thursday thereafter, you'll receive an email from me with your package tracking details so you can keep up to date with its movements with DHL or the International Postal Service.

If you find there is a delay or any issue, please feel free to contact me at to sort it out for you.

Rest assured playa, we take care of our own.

*Canadian and Australian playas: If your item is being shipped with the postal service, you will only be able to track it until the day it leaves Thailand. Your postal service does not scan the items into their system and tracking is not available once it enters Canada/Australia. The upside is that your postal services are 100% reliable with 100% delivery rate 100% of the time, every time.



What if my polo or hat doesn't fit?

So stress-free!

In this unfortunate situation, please email me at and allow me to get replacements to you.

The return process is pretty simple and we reward you for returning items! Send off that email and let me delight you.

I'll pop replacements over to you ASAP like a baus.




When will (my favorite item) be in stock again?

The best answer is to sign up for updates on the page of the out-of-stock item. As soon as stock is added, we'll send you an email to let you know and you'll get a headstart on the other playas. 

The 2nd best answer is to follow the Youtube channel, Instagram or Facebook page for updates as I will release the news on these channels as the products become available.

Facebook Instagram Youtube

It seems from my prior record, that at the end of March/early April is the first big drop of new products, then another big drop in July and a final top up in September.

I'm constantly working on having a steady stream of high quality stock always available but the playas go so crazy for the goods that they are gone in a flash!

Seriously, sometimes I believe that I have stock for 3 months and it's gone in 6 days! Thank you!




How's the quality of the products?

First things first, playa: This is not "merch" - Waddaplaya products are legit the highest quality apparel and accessories. Something to be proud of. 

I'm so proud of these items for one very good reason. I designed them all and specifically made products that suit me. I am THE fussiest human being when it comes to quality goods and comfort of apparel, and for years, nothing was good enough for me...until I created Waddaplaya.

Polos and hats are made of a drifit like material and are the best I've ever worn, and in fact, the 3rd generation of Waddaplaya fabric incorporating Spandex to add stretch and forgiveness plus comfort.

I removed any labels in the collar mainly for my own comfort so there are no itchy labels. The stitching of the shirt is so important to me. I dislike any itchy or scratchy thread. The thread and stitching in the Waddaplaya polo is superior to anything I owned before, and I've used a number of my shirts for 3 years without one single stitch coming undone.

I source headcovers, towels, ballmarkers and divot tools from only the best of the best sources.  They are often the 3rd or 4th iteration in a lengthy development process because I am too fussy to allow an inferior product out the door. Constant improvement is the name of the game and currently, everything you see is the finest quality available. I apologize for delays in new product launches, but I only launch when everything is the best it can be.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of the items, please do not hesitate to email me at and I can arrange a solution to delight you.




Can I trust your payment system?

Currently, we are using Paypal and 2Checkout to process payments which are two secure payment gateways. Only trusted payment gateways are used to protect you and your privacy. 

Currently Mastercard is not supported but we are looking into further options for processing via Mastercard.