Collection: Golf Divot Tools

Since you can’t plant real bird feathers on the greens, these golf divot tools will have to do. In fact, a Waddaplaya divot repair tool will grow birdies 60% of the time, every time. Place the ball marker inside the divot to seriously double your birdie chances.

The One-and-Only Feather Golf Ball Marker & Divot Repair Tool

Respect the Course

There’s a direct correlation between the respect you show to the golf course and how well you play, it’s science. The Waddaplaya divot repair tools are engineered for golfers who take pride in maintaining the integrity of the course, and of course, their game. Choose from either a single & dual prong – though it really depends on how deep your divots are. 

Variety That Meets Every Need

Birdies follow when you plant your feather divot tool, every time, at least 60% of the time. The golf world is divided on single & dual prong divot repair tools. Some say a single prong is easier – many of them even use a tee if they forget their tool at home. Others prefer the dual prong, with generally far less time spent repairing holes & divots. Both styles can easily repair divots on the green, and god forbid, the tee box.