Single Prong Feather Divot Tool

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The single prong has been 2 years in the making. This is my most favorite creation!

It's finally perfect! After 10 iterations and ideas and samples and stress to create the perfect size, shape and weight of a feather with a single stem, it's here!

I've tested it and used it and it's a delight for those of us who like to use a tee to fix divots. This is a million times better. The added bonus is that you can plant this feather on the green to grow the birdies. just DO NOT forget to pick it up after you drain the birdie 60% of the time every time!

Dimensions: 4 inches Long x 1 inch Wide x 1/4 inch thick
In metric: 100mm x 26mm x 6mm


Please note: Price displayed is for one (1) divot tool. Images contain two for illustrative purposes.

Customer Reviews

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Plant a feather, grow a…

Birdie machine. Plant it on the Tee Box - Boom! Silky smooth pro player drawski right in the fairest of ways. Plant it on the green? Pick it up playa! Your credit is good from 20 feet!

Superb merch, sure to start conversations with your regular golf buddies or just the gallery that’s sure to start following you on your twilight 9er once your carrying this birdie maker!

Gareth Constantine
Planting feathers growing birdies

Amazing tool works in repairing ones divot correctly instead of using a double pronged tool. Thanks Matt 😍

Clay Whipkey
Feather Pitch Mark Tool

Love it! The detail is really cool. Plant feathers, grow birdies!

Thomas DeVuono
Excellent divot tool

Everyone I show loves this thing. Feels solid, heavy, and premium. Completes its job well and looks damn good doing it.

Ryan Foote
The greatest divot repair tool ever created!

Unlike my golf swing, this divot tool is a work of art. My only complaint is that ithe number of birdies per round has not increased, as was promised in Matt's sales pitch. Regardless, I'm reminded of the teachings of our Zen Buddha ("Waddaplaya") each time I use this tool, and my 3 putt from 15 feet no longer ruins my day. It's like having Matt of my bag (correction, "golf bag") each round, teaching me the ways of the Playa, and making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for all you do Matt, and congratulations on creating the greatest divot tool this game has ever seen.

Ryan Foote
Georgia, USA