Collection: Headcovers

Top-quality traditional and barrel-style golf head covers. The Playas get what the Playas are - the BEST. Our collection of club head covers will protect your clubs from whatever the course, weather, or your buddies throw at you, all while injecting a unique style into your game. 

Our Funny Golf Head Covers

Wrap Up Your Wood

Every golfer wants to keep their clubs in pristine condition, despite wanting to smash a driver over our knees after our fourth consecutive slice. In any case, our golf club head covers offer the best protection against dings, scratches, and the elements, ensuring your clubs are always scramble-ready. Tailored for drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs, these covers will turn heads on the driving range and on the course. The cart girl might even throw you a look if you’re lucky. 

Hilarious Designs

Distinguish your clubs with a Waddaplaya head cover, designed to make your friends laugh (just not at your expense). From breakfast to beef-inspired designs, each cover represents the movement of fun, relaxation, and the Way of the Playa. Whether you’re playing your local course or traveling to the tropics for a boys’ weekend, your clubs will stand out with their bright & unique head covers. Who knows, you might meet some fellow Playas while you’re out globetrotting – you’ll easily recognize their club head covers in the clubhouse.

Premium Materials

We do everything ourselves at Waddaplaya Golf. Every single process is managed and crafted in-house. Just like the rest of our products, our club head covers were made into samples, tested and released after 2-3 iterations, ensuring the highest quality covers for you & your golfing buddies. Each is made from vegan leather and features a plush lining & elastic band in the middle for a snug, secure, and sensual fit.