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Waddaplaya Golf

Headcover Meaty Power Cuts

Headcover Meaty Power Cuts

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Did you ever get to smell what the Rock was cookin'?

I did and it was large cuts of meat.

Striploin, ribs, bacon, jowls, cheek, brisket, whatever it is. Meat is meat and a man must eat.

Top quality and hand-crafted waddaplaya headcovers with the symbol that represents the movement of fun, relaxation, and the Way of the Playa - that's meat.

Available in DRIVER and FAIRWAY WOOD

  • Plush lining
  • Elasticated middle for secure fit
  • Vegan leather - made from vegans
  • WARNING: May offend vegans. May signal to others that you are a meat eater. May attract carnivorous females looking for meat.

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Customer Reviews

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B... KIng
I let AI write my reviews now

From the moment I laid eyes on this golf headcover, I knew it would add a distinct touch to my golfing equipment. The vibrant red fabric not only offers a splash of color against the lush green of the golf course but also provides a durable cover to protect my clubs. What truly sets this headcover apart is the clever and unique design. The illustrations of different cuts of meat on a cow and pig, artfully segmented into sections, is both playful and engaging, offering a whimsical twist to the traditional headcover.

This headcover is not just a statement piece; it’s also a conversation starter. It's perfect for the golfer who has a great sense of humor and appreciates the fusion of form and function. The embroidery is top-notch, with crisp lines and clear lettering that withstand the rigors of regular use. It slips on and off effortlessly, ensuring that the time spent between shots is minimized.

Practicality aside, it’s a delightful nod to those who appreciate a good barbecue as much as a good game of golf. It's like having a piece of a summer cookout with you, right on the course! This headcover is a fantastic gift for the golfer in your life, or as a treat for yourself. It's bound to turn heads and elicit smiles wherever you go. A five-star recommendation for anyone looking to bring some extra joy and personality to their game!

Max Girgis
Big Girg

Me and Matt share a love for grilled meats, so this was the perfect head cover for my 3 wood. Which affectionately refer to as the meat stick! I have been pulling it out with confidence channeling Big Richard energy! Waddalife!

Julius Magallanes

Hi Waddaplaya,

Thank you for the quick shipping. It arrived quickly as well. The quality of the products I ordered is very good. Will continue to check for new products.

Best - Julius