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Feather Divot Tool and Marker SET

Feather Divot Tool and Marker SET

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The ONLY FEATHER you're ALLOWED to plant on the green. No bird feathers on the green! Only the divot tools shaped like feathers playas! This comes from the high chief commissioner of the Birdie Bank, Mr J. Mac. 

It works 60% of the time, every time. Just fix the pitch mark, plant the divot tool anywhere on the green and jam the birdie putt. 

Price displayed is for 1 (one) divot tool and 1 (one ballmarker). Select your color!

The feather divot tool does include ONE ballmarker (blue, red, or green jewel). Please select your preferred color.

You can purchase extra ballmarkers at the below links

Ball marker links - these are other ballmarkers for this divot tool
LEMON: Easy peasy 25mm ballmarker 
GIOTG: Giotg 25mm ballmarker

Care Instructions

Fabric Care:

-Machine wash at or below 30°C or 80°F

-Do not use bleach, or harsh detergent

-Turn clothes inside out

-Line dry or tumle dry low

-Iron on low heat

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
william blair
Best Divot Tool Ever!!

Absolutely the best divot ever! Also, I am planting feathers and growing birdies.
I’ll be a scratch golfer before you know it.

Brad Swibel
Great item - confidence builder

Really excited to get this. Nothing like it out there. Nothing like birdie confidence in walking up to a put with the feather marker and divot tool. Thanks Matty!

Better Greens, More Birdies.

I have been using one of the feather divot tools for over a year. It’s a great quality product and works wonderfully. The feather provides enough leverage to quickly and properly fix marks. I bought a bunch of them for the high school golf team that practices and plays at our course. Now they’re fixing ball marks, planting feathers, and we’re all making more birdies. Thanks Matt!

Evan Davies
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy...

Really great little tool. Larger than most which is nice, as means it does most of the work for you. Love the lemon ball marker.

Satisfied Playa

Impressed by the quality. Well made for a playa!