Feather Divot Tool - Silver

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The ONLY FEATHER you're ALLOWED to plant on the green. No bird feathers on the green! Only the divot tools shaped like feathers playas! This comes from the high chief commissioner of the Birdie Bank, Mr J. Mac. 

It works 60% of the time, every time. Just fix the pitch mark, plant the divot tool anywhere on the green and jam the birdie putt. Anyone has a problem, tell them where to stick it. Price displayed is for 1 (one) divot tool only.

Ball marker links - these are the best ballmarkers for this divot tool

BLUE: Blue 25mm ballmarker
RED: Red 25mm ballmarker 
GREEN: Red 25mm ballmarker 
LEMON: Easy peasy 25mm ballmarker 
IOTG: Giotg 25mm ballmarker

The feather divot tool does not include a ballmarker.

You can purchase one at the above links


Customer Reviews

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J. Frank Parnell
Hope is a thing with feathers

I love this feather divot tool. Looking forward to unlocking new levels of playadom thanks to its cosmic birdie-vibe channeling…..

Stephen Varty
Must have

Heavy duty, beautiful and works great. I bought the emerald green marker too. Fits securely in the tool. I recommend both pieces to complete your game. Keep the course looking good and pure, just like the playas like.

-playa ambassador Steve

Bob Koutek

Feather Divot Tool - Silver

Devon Osgood
Silver Feather Divot

Bought as a gift for my dad and now I want one! Tool has nice weight to it and magnetic ball marker works flawlessly with divot tool. Extremely high quality for price. Recommend to any playa

Christopher Zimmerman
Fiery Feather

Received my feather over Black Friday and have played only a few rounds before Winter hit. It is very well made, and certainly stylish. Looking forward to making s’mores over an open fire with the amount of birdies I am about to make!