Feather Divot Tool - Silver

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The ONLY FEATHER you're ALLOWED to plant on the green. No bird feathers on the green! Only the divot tools shaped like feathers playas! This comes from the high chief commissioner of the Birdie Bank, Mr J. Mac. 

It works 60% of the time, every time. Just fix the pitch mark, plant the divot tool anywhere on the green and jam the birdie putt. Anyone has a problem, tell them where to stick it.

 **The feather divot tool does not include a ballmarker. You can purchase one at the above link**

Ball marker links - these are the best ballmarkers for this divot tool

BLUE: Blue 25mm ballmarker
RED: Red 25mm ballmarker 
GREEN: Red 25mm ballmarker 
LEMON: Easy peasy 25mm ballmarker 


Customer Reviews

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Tim Beavers
Best Divot Tool Ever!!

High quality, great design, and perfect for marking your spot on the green in scrambles or when you just want to give tour ball a quick scrub before draining the putt. Most divot tools you buy at the course or elsewhere end up bending the forks straight away. Not this bad boy. It feels like it should hold up forever!

Greg Terry
Divot Tool and Bucket Hats

I've become a huge fan of the gear from golfsidekick. Top notch quality and comfort for the shirts and hats. And the divot tool, totally cool!

Carlos Prieto
Embrace the way of the Playa

Great craftsmanship, elegant and handsome design, and it works! Planted 2 birdies and made 1 for one of my best rounds in recent memory! Driving was off but thanks to the amazing tips from the Baus I relied on my short game to grind and score! Wadda divot tool! Thank you Playa from Southern California!

Guaranteed Birdies

Divot tool arrived ahead of schedule and looks great. Looking forward to growing some birdies! Cheers, Matt.

Repair it like a Baus!

Best pitch mark repairer ever! Good size and really well made, feels solid in your hand. The added bonus is being able to plant a feather on every green! The red ball marker goes really well with it, and I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure the design of it doubles up as bottle opener. If it doesn't, could be an additional feature in future designs?