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Waddaplaya Golf

Feather Divot Tool and Marker SET

Feather Divot Tool and Marker SET

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The ONLY FEATHER you're ALLOWED to plant on the green. No bird feathers on the green! Only the divot tools shaped like feathers playas! This comes from the high chief commissioner of the Birdie Bank, Mr J. Mac. 

It works 60% of the time, every time. Just fix the pitch mark, plant the divot tool anywhere on the green and jam the birdie putt. 

Price displayed is for 1 (one) divot tool and 1 (one ballmarker). Select your color!

The feather divot tool does include ONE ballmarker (blue, red or green jewel). Please select your preferred color with the drop down menu.

You can purchase extra ballmarkers at the below links

 Ball marker links - these are other ballmarkers for this divot tool 

LEMON: Easy peasy 25mm ballmarker 
IOTG: Giotg 25mm ballmarker

Care Instructions

For polos, t-shirts, towels, and bucket hats

-Machin wash at or below 30°C or 80°F

-Do not use bleach, or harsh detergent

-Turn clothes inside out

-Line dry or tumle dry low

-Do not iron

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Landon Backman
It works

Planted it for my fist birdie putt inside 15 feet and drained it. Excellent performance! Oh, it is good for pitch fixes as well.

Thomas Edblom
Makes me happy

I have bought a divot tool, a bucket and two polos with printed patterns. I feel happy when I where my polos, my bucket, and when I use my divot tool. People I play with thinks "waddaplaya" and smiles. The world becomes a better place.

David Walker
Shot a 90

My best score of 2023. Now I’m not saying it was DEFINITELY due to it being my first round with the Feather Divot Tool and Marker set… I mean I did play the forward tees, I was money from 100 yards and closer, and I hit three long putts. But still, the evidence would suggest it was the the Feather. I know that correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation, but I’m just sayin’ the evidence is there and it can’t be ignored.

Stephen Wassinger
Birdies incoming

Fixed several ball marks excellently today. No birdies today, but I feel the luck oozing from this device.

Derrick Ladeairous
Wadda divot

The authenticity of this divot repair tool is in matchable. It's got great weight and impeccable sturdiness. I will have more birdies in my future.

Thanks playa