Zenlightenment Alignment Marker

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I do not exaggerate when I say this is the greatest item ever invented in golf. The detail is superb. The weight is excellent. This is a 32mm marker and will not fit in the divot tool. It's a standalone piece of fine craftsmanship and will be forever known as your best ever golf purchase. 

The alignment line down the center is EXACTLY what you need to get the initial alignment, then adjust with the ball down, and finally make sure the ball line is lined up to the coin.

In the middle of the black line, is a tiny yet clear 'waddaplaya' just to remind you, that you are the baus.

It's a double sided beauty that make the putts drop and thumbs come up.

*This is not a magnetic marker and will not adhere to magnets.

The US quarter dollar is for size comparison only.

Customer Reviews

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Playas’ must have

It’s an interesting ball marker. Keeps you in a zen state of mind. Playa-in Chief does a great job designing the merch.

Darth Fader

Very good ball marker, shaves three strokes off your index. 30% of the time it will identify the line 100%.

Jeff Victor
Solid ball marker

Seem simple and like another ball marker. Maybe you the consumer are correct. Love mine though. Lines up ball well. Follow Wadda Playa’s rules with putting and it works. I support them and their products.

Ryan Foote

When paired with the single prong divot repair tool, you are guaranteed to have the most impressive kit of green accessories this side of the Mississippi River (for me, that would the to the east). Anyhoo, when you finally get a chance to handle this work of art, you will feel embarrassed by those who still mark their ball with coins, poker chips, tees, etc. This is the classiest ball marker ever created!

Thanks Matt

Ryan Foote

Brendan Y
Very cool

Great design, simple, and works.