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It's the simplest idea in golf: GET IT ON THE GREEN

G I O T G!

It's also a famous Italian golfing phrase made famous by the great Giovanni Nicklausini. He always says it with the pinched fingers like he's about to tuck into some meatballs or Tiramisu.

This is one of the PLAYING PURPOSE range of ballmarkers. I want you to keep this in your pocket, on your hat clip, whatever you do, and use it on the greens. Every time you look at it remember it. 

When you're looking at your shot, forget being a greedy guts and just GET IT ON THE GREEN. Get the putt and GTFO!

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Dimensions:  2.5cm (1 inch)

The price displayed is for one (1) ballmarker.

This ballmarker is magnetic. It will adhere to magnets on hat clips.

This ballmarker does fit into the Waddaplaya divot tools.

The US quarter dollar is for size comparison only.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Davenport
GIOTG Really Works!

I recieved 10 GIOTG Ballmarkers. I gave them to the high school golfers that I coach. Every time they place the marker on the green, they smile with great pride for achieving the true GIOTG life. Wadda Ballmarker! Putts made from a ball marked with GIOTG...67% of the time every time.

Johnny Hybrid

I’ve used other ball markers before. But this one is the bomb. My putts are going straighter and longer than ever before! Except when they curve and I leave them short. With this ball marker, my putts are on par with the PGA pros if you don’t compare accuracy and distance. I feel like I’m a heavyweight champ with this GIOTG ball marker. I even use this ball marker to mark my ball when I leave it short and it the green side bunker. It looks great in the sand! Highly recommend this. Buy it now! DO IT!!

William Glancy
Love it

Love these fun markers from Matty boy. Have a bunch of them and just reminds you to stay positive while you're on the course. Easy peasy

Corey Manning

You will show your friends your cool new ball marker. It will always always remind not to embarrass yourself by no GIOTG. So you will always stop and think... "GIOTG"