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International Birdie Bank Credit Card Ballmarker

International Birdie Bank Credit Card Ballmarker

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We all know you have to Plant Feathers to Grow Birdies. Sometimes we can't find any though!

It works for every pair you choose, unlimited times.

I know you may have a shortage of feathers where you are. So here is the Waddaplaya Credit Card issued by the International Birdie Bank (IBB), underwritten by JMac and BDog, the Lending Manager and Chairman of IBB, respectively.

The Waddaplaya credit card gives you unlimited credit and easy repayment terms. You can withdraw as many birdies as you like, and you have a lifetime to plant more when you find real feathers to replace what you have used. Easy game.

Dimensions: 2.2 cm x 3.5 cm ( 7/8" x 3/8")

This is a double sided ballmarker. The price displayed is for one (1) ballmarker.

This ballmarker is magnetic. It will adhere to magnets on hat clips.

The US quarter dollar is for size comparison only.

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Customer Reviews

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Pietari Kruus

International Birdie Bank Credit Card Ballmarker

Love the birdie bank ballmarker!

This is my new favorite golf accessory! Always get comments on it. I was really impressed with the detail and sturdiness of it. Very professionally packaged as well - feels like a premium product. Happy to support this legend and become a Playa!

Quality Scheisse!

Delighted with my birdie credit card ball marker. Great quality and nice to carry around an infinite supply of birdies (60% of the time, every time!).

Support this legend and get some quality scheisse while you are at it.

Best wishes from Ireland.

Great quality

Just as advertised, great quality, great size.

Adrian Jones

I actually made birdie on the first hole that I had this ball marker in play so I can attest to it's power! I am now a playa!