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Named after the German God of BDE Golf - Köchenbolz! A Cocky Rooster, some golf balls and a few feathers means we have the perfect gift from Golfing Gods. 

Köchenbolz himself came down from Mount Augusta to deliver this design to me in my sleep. Absolutely the loudest, cockiest hat in the neighborhood. Don't be a chicken, get it done!


This hat is fully REVERSIBLE - Pattern on one side, and solid color on the other side for versatility.  The fabric is a dry fit material that is used in some ranges of shirts I sell in this store. The fabric remains nice and dry even in hot climates.


MEDIUM 54cm-58cm (21.5-22.75 inches) circumference around the head

LARGE 59cm-62.5cm (23.25-24.5 inches) circumference around the head

I've made the brim flexible so you can stuff it in the bag or in your pocket and it will maintain its shape. And the best part is, with a flexible brim, the wind cannot take it off your head. 

Stiff brims make hats fit only one size and allow the wind to pull the hat off your head. I've made these ones specifically flimsy for myself and my frustrations with standard bucket hats. I must say, they're awesome and I refuse to wear stiff brimmed buckets anymore. The comfort level of these and ease of transport and storage is off the charts.

Customer Reviews

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Hugh Clunas

Excellent product. Does everything you said it would.

Brian Santangelo
Love the Kochenbolz Hat

An absolute Baus hat that immidietly boosts confidence and shaves strokes off your game.

David Richardson
Happy hat

Fantastic quality vibrant prints. Makes me stupidity happy wearing it.

Matt Murphy
Great Hat

Would like to start by saying I have a small noggin (21-1/2" exactly). Wasn't sure if the medium was going to fit (not many hats I try do), but it fits perfect. Not too tight or loose. Feels airy, light and cozy. Can wear sunglasses with no problems around the ears. Just a really high quality hat. Been wearing it on my farm in Florida and came to the conclusion that this is the best hat I've ever worn on my head. Plan on golfing with it soon. Also got the Hummingbirdie hat and have the same things to say about that one. Express shipping from Bangkok to Florida took only 3 days which was awesome. From one Matt to another, I would like to say Waddahat. Thanks!!!

Lee Prince
Bolz out!

Very impressive quality of fabric and construction. The print is fun and exudes the Way of the Playa spirit. it's very hard to be un-zen while wearing this hat. It's also reversible to a conservative navy blue side for when I still want to wear a bucket hat, but need to tone it down a notch for those corporate types. But underneath, Lord Kochenbolz is whispering peaceful thoughts to me..."tempo, Lee", "Just GIOTG", "There are no hero shots"