Köchenbolz Bucket

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Named after the German God of BDE Golf - Köchenbolz! A Cocky Rooster, some golf balls and a few feathers means we have the perfect gift from Golfing Gods.

Köchenbolz himself came down from Mount Augusta to deliver this design to me in my sleep. Absolutely the loudest, cockiest hat in the neighborhood. Don't be a chicken, get it done!

This hat has a matching polo shirt: CLICK HERE

MEDIUM 54cm-58cm (21.5-22.75 inches) circumference around the head

LARGE 59cm-62.5cm (23.25-24.5 inches) circumference around the head

  • Bucket hats are all reversible
  • Dry fit fabric - 88% polyester 12 % spandex for soft stretchy and dry feel
  • WARNING: Flexible brim, not stiff brim. 
  • Flexible brim remains on your head in the wind, is easier to store and allow for a softer, less restrictive fit on your head
  • COLD machine or hand wash only - do not put in the dryer

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Brian Papson
Best Golf Purchase of the Century

The material is so nice and comfortable. Couldn't recommend more for getting some A+ sun protection

Jessie Black
Best Hat Ever

To some people this may be a little TMI, but I want to leave an honest review. I'm a naturally sweaty person, and I live and golf in Texas. As such, I've ruined numerous ball-cap style hats sweating it out on the course in the Texas heat. Changing over to the hats has saved my life! They're comfortable, keep my head cool, and I can wash them over and over!

Also, I've received compliments on this particular hat every time I've gone golfing since I ordered it. It's bold and makes a statement and I love it!

Matt M
Blue side needs more love

We are all here for the Köchenbolz Roosters. But sometimes the blue side needs some love too.

Awesome quality, medium size fits great. It dries incredibly fast. I don't wear chemical slop on my face, so this works great at shading my face when the sun is blazing.

Colin English
Big Rooter Energy for sure

After wearing this superior golf equipment, my ball went further and straighter. I grew another inch and my hair got thicker. Women started throwing themselves at me.
So I’m short, yes I recommend it.

Riley Brown
Best hat I've ever owned

The perfect bucket hat for a playa