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Confidential Classic Putter

Confidential Classic Putter

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The Waddaplaya Confidential Classic Blade Putter is a modern reworking of a nostalgic classic from the days of Nicklaus, Hogan and Snead. Clean, classic, simple looks combined with modern materials and precision milling push the Confidential Classic ahead of anyone else in the putter game.

Each Confidential Classic putter is 100% precision milled Steel head of 330 grams, for superior consistency and roll. Feedback from the putter is the key feature 

The lie angle is 71° and the Confidential Classic is available in 33, 34 and 35 inches.



A single lime green dot on the top line aligns perfectly to the sweet spot of the milled face. Simplicity and understated looks are key when the putter does the talking for itself on the greens. The 330g head has mini-steps milled onto the back of the putter to distribute weight behind the ball, where you need it.

Traditionally a very light putter, we balanced the weight of the shaft and grip to make the head feel moderately heavier for smoother more efficient roll.



The Classic Confidential is milled from a single block of soft 303 stainless steel tested to the millimeter for tight tolerances, to provide consistent feedback. Milled lines on the club face create the smoothest roll on the ball.

Feedback from the putter strike allows you to know exactly where you've hit the putt so you can adapt your hand positions, release and alignment to the sweet spot.


The Confidential Classic is fitted with a thick, uniquely-textured waterproof PU Waddaplaya grip featuring Kochenbolz, the patron saint of putting.

Lord Kochenbolz is set on a dark green backdrop, with a separated Criss-Cross texture for extra grip and comfort. Included in the package is a standard rubber Waddaplaya grip you can have fitted, in case you would like to be more traditional.


A 25-gram counterweight is included in your package, and can be inserted into the top of the grip using any OEM driver wrench. For some golfers, the counterweight turns a normal putter into a cheating stick!

Each Confidential Classic putter package contains:

- 1 x Confidential Classic Blade putter fitted with thick textured Waddaplaya grip
- 1 x headcover matching the color of the grip (magnet closure)
- 1 x 25g counterweight to screw into the grip
- 1 x standard black rubber Waddaplaya grip
- FREE delivery worldwide


A silver-colored 120 gram steel shaft was selected for the ultimate balance of feel and weight in the head.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      D Cho
      One Blade to Rule Them All

      Absolutely gorgeous design and feel. Waddaplaya consistently has the best customer service hands down as well.

      Sean Butler
      Putter is lights out!

      Love the weight of it. Love the design. Clean finish, had my best putting round day 1 with this bad boy.

      Matt K.
      'Wadda putter!'

      Unknown number of confidential 5 footerz in my future. Thanks, Golf Psychic.. ! (It's perdy too)

      Jozsef Piri
      Confidential putter

      A beautiful piece of art with a great feel and balance. Matt has outdone himself once again. Feels and looks like an old school putter but with modern touch. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an excellent putter.