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Bird Dog Putter 2.0

Bird Dog Putter 2.0

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Introducing the new and improved Bird Dog 2.0 blade-style putter. Boost your confidence on the green with improved accuracy, control and stability. Refined pace control and feel to take your putting game to the next level.

303 Milled steel, electroplated in either black, silver or oil-can finish. For optimal feel, we recommend urethane covered golf balls for use with this blade.

The lie angle is 71° and the Bird Dog is available in 33, 34 and 35 inches.



Triple alignment lines on the back of the club are the width of a golf ball apart.
The middle line aligns with the line on the top of the club for the perfect setup. 

Use the alignment line toward the to line up your downhill putts, and then strike the putt off the toe. The toe strike reduces the speed you put on the ball for the simplest distance control on downhill putts.



303 Steel construction, tested to the millimeter to provide the most consistent feedback. Deep milled lines on the club face produce a roll on the ball so consistent, the ball has no choice but to obey you and go in the hole.


Chrome and Oil Can putters come fitted with white textured Waddaplaya grips featuring Kochenbolz, the patron saint of putting.  Black putters come fitted with black Waddaplaya grips featuring Kochenbolz. 


A 25-gram counterweight is included in your package, and can be inserted into the top of the grip using any OEM driver wrench. For some golfers, the counterweight turns a normal putter into a cheating stick!

Each Bird Dog putter package contains:

- 1 x Bird Dog putter fitted with thick Waddaplaya grip
- 1 x headcover matching the color of the grip
- 1 x Bird Dog exclusive dice ballmarker
- 1 x 25g counterweight to screw into the grip

Chrome and Oil Can putters - silver shafts.
Black putters - black shafts.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Todd Plays Golf
      Best Club in My Bag!!

      Wadda Putta! Love this club and very happy with the purchase. Don't waste your money on a Scotty, get a this instead. I've done a full review and unboxing video attached to this review. YouTube video placeholder
      christopher millmier
      good putter

      I wanted to try before I buy, but not a chance Ill find a used one. Took the plunge & purchased. I like it. Its not too heavy or light, and the extra weight is helpful for my putting. I like the look & style of the black & Its really easy to line up your putt. Good purchase, Ill be using the waddaplaya birddog 2.0 going forward.

      Kenneth Albert
      Love this putter

      Well made. Excellent service. Nicest putter I’ve owned!

      Just getchu one!

      I’m so glad I ordered this putter even though I have two Scotty Cameron putters and several other impulse buys. The quality is right up there but the fun factor is through the roof. I think it fits my stroke because I immediately putted well with it and after installing the included weight in the handle my distance control became really good. The best part is when I take it to the course I feel like I’m taking the Spirit of the Playa-in-Chief with me. He’s the funnest guy in golf and the putter exudes fun along with excellence. It’s a good value and a good putter. Order it already!

      Birddog 2.0

      Let’s just say the birddog is heating up. Took a couple rounds to get used to as it is a very toe hang design and a tad bit lighter than what I normally use. Nonetheless I’ve played 4 rounds with it now and just played the lowest score of my life. 4 birdies with the birddog. The ball feels crisp of the beautifully milled face, the length of blade is absurdly forgiving for the classic design, and the simple but elegant markings on the putter are sleek and elegant.

      If you’re in the market for a classic design for the modern era, look no further.