About Waddaplaya Golf

Waddaplaya Golf is the best golf apparel on the market and it started as an itch that needed to be scratched for a lot of people looking for fun golf stuff. The market had been so saturated with boring, low quality alternatives to the big brands.

Starting out as just a small made-to-order project, Waddaplaya expanded quickly since 2018 and has thousands of customers around the world, with a huge return-customer rate.

We did that by focusing on you the Playa. When you purchase from Waddaplaya Golf, you don't merely buy an item. You buy into the family of Playas. You can recognize each other when you're at a golf course by the bright patterns or unique styles, as well as the BUCKET HAT.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and we have only one motto when it comes to Playa Care - No Playa Left Behind. We see this movement as more than just golf apparel - it's about the Playa Experience in the Playa Family. 

You're always a Playa and we always take care of the Playas. 

Waddaplaya started out as a fun saying "What a Player" but it morphed into Wadda and that prefix can be used for anything, whether good or bad. It makes light of every situation. Waddasteak! Waddaday! Waddathreatening man! Waddaplaya! Waddalife!

Matt from the Golf Sidekick Youtube channel created the brand from a handful of loyal subscribers of the Youtube channel. It started with a blue and an orange heather patterned fabric.

Playas ordered them and received them 9 weeks later! That's loyalty! Most of those early Playas are still picking up new designs and accessories to this day!

What we are most proud of is that this is not, and has never ever been a dodgy third-party merch scheme. 

We do everything ourselves. Every single process is managed and crafted in-house. Products are made into samples, tested and then released after usually 2-3 iterations.

Matt is Head Designer but is involved in every step of the Playa Experience, from hand-signed cards to logistic improvement to sampling, sourcing, everything.

The Playas have created a golf brand that has allowed us to employ 3 full time and 2 part time staff. The opportunity to create better lives and working conditions for good people is an honor.

Every day, we strive to create new products and fun products. We always want to be one step ahead of everyone so you may find some designs and ideas you have never seen anywhere before. That's how we like it. Playas are unique thinkers, unique minds, and we all want to be in that Playa tribe.

Welcome to the Playa Tribe. You're one of us.