Wadda Patch

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I LOVE when you break barriers and I want to celebrate with you. Here's the PEEL-BACK STICK-ON patches you've been waiting for.

Here's the opportunity to be an International Birdie Bank Investment Banker of the highest order. The FEATHER patch is the GOVERNMENT BOND equivalent within the order of the Playadom.

You can put one of these feather patches on your selected equipment where ever you may go - A permanent feather symbol waiting to grow birdies. When those in the know see this thing on your bag, headcover, cotton shorts, hat, whatever...they'll know you're the upper echelon of birdie investors in the International Birdie Bank (IBB). That's some serious Big Dick Energy.

The 80 breaker patch will have slightly lighter background in production as I make the final product PERFECT.


These are woven patches with high detail that you STICK ON to your equipment. They are not iron on though heat can improve stickiness. They may start to peel on the edges a bit after 20-30 washes. They will stay on the item but may just peel back a milimeter or two from the edge as more washes accumulate.

You peel the back off and place it onto an item and I recommend these for maximum effectiveness:

1. PU headcover
2. Cotton shorts
3. Cotton hats like the waddaplaya bucket hat
4. Golf bag sections where there is some PU leather or PVC or plastic
5. Leather golf bags
6. In general, items that won't be washed a lot
7. Almost anywhere though I would suggest avoiding dirty, dusty and wet surfaces. Please use common sense when applying these patches

Monitor differences means that colors will look different on different monitors. I have selected my favorite colors and I have an eye for design, so trust me, they are hot shit.