Valuables Pouch for Playas

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When I play cart golf, my junk is flying all over the place. I'm checking it all the time to make sure I know where my keys are, where I put my phone, and if my wallet hasn't flown off the cart on a savage hairpin bend.

Those days of worry are over playa. I made something for myself that you're going to love too. 

Fits everything you need inside. Two phones, a wallet with a fat stack of cash, car keys, and even a photo of your girlfriend/dog. Super casual, throw it in, drawstring it up and carry it by the string like an IDGAF baus. The plush lining on the inside of the PU leather bag is so soft, you'll wanna stroke it for days. 

Nothing says "Hey you, yes I'm organized, but I'm chill, and I like knowing where my scheisse is" like the WaddaValuables Pouch. BEAST MODE ENGAGED.

  • Size: 7" (185mm) wide x 10" (245mm) long
  • Double sided
  • Extremely limited quantity

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Campbell
VAlubles was a great gift.

My husband loved this gift! And was quite surprised to get something from Whataplaya😀

Trevor M

Top quality! Awesome valuables bag !

Lukey G
A bag for my valuables

I like to put my crown jewels in this bag because it's so soft on the inside. I do get funny looks when I'm doing it on the course though.

Iain Morgan
Superb Quality

This bag is absolutely fantastic, the quality is unreal. I use this bag all day everyday! Stop thinking about buying it and buy it already

Stephen Scholl
Sweet playa pouch for storing valuables

Playas, quality of materials and construction is excellent. Black leather adorned with yellow birdie feathers quite striking. The bag was much larger than anticipated so I could fit my laptop in it if I so choose (kidding). Bought one for me and one to give as gift. Important to spread the Playa swag. Thanks Matt!