Towel Planting Feathers Growing Birdies

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 Size: 40" x 16" (100cm x 40cm)

I made this towel with the Playas in mind. The hole in the middle is for hangingin on the bag over a club, or for a caddie to put their hand through and hold the flag and clubs and everything.

But the Playa's wanted a way to hang it more traditionally, so I added a loop on the edge of the towel to keep it on the bag REALLY easy.

The towel is DOUBLE SIDED so on the front side is PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING  BIRDIES, and on the back side, is the MULTI FEATHER pattern to keep those feathers with you for the birdie bank. 

Imagine planting feathers is a direct deposit into the birdie bank. This towel is like a blank cheque from the birdie bank for you to make as many birdies as you can imagine! Then wipe it off your club face to refresh it for another birdie making hole!