Gunmetal Feather Divot Tool and RED Marker Set

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A beautiful Feather divot tool set - the RED ball marker is included in this purchase so you don't need to get one separately. You'll receive ONE gun metal divot tool plus ONE ball marker. 

It's the ONLY FEATHER you're ALLOWED to plant on the green.

It works 60% of the time, every time. Just fix the pitch mark, plant the divot tool anywhere on the green and jam the birdie putt. Anyone has a problem, tell them where to stick it.

For every extra pitch mark you fix on the greens, you multiply your chances of making birdies exponentially.

Customer Reviews

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Stuart Logan
Awesome set

The quality is top notch, perfect weight to know you have a nice item in your hand. Marker does what it needs to while looking awesome. Delivery was super quick and I couldn't be happier. Perfect gift for any level of golfer. Plus, guaranteed birdies every time, 60% of the time ;)

Marc B.
Nice tool- but in hindsight would have picked the silver one

As many others have stated:
Workes well, feels nice, does not bother you while in the back pocket or during play and the marker comes off easily.
And -of course- looks awesome when stuck somewhere!

BUT there are two minor flaws, based on which I would chose the silver one the next time:
1 the black finish on the two spikes wears off a bit due to use (didn't event substract a star, because it does not realy bother me)
2 I tend to strugle trying to find it in my bag when preparing for the round at the first tee- because both the tool and the inner lining of my bag-pockets are both black xD

Buy the color which has a contrast to your bag pocket lining

Such a beautiful divot tool

Very happy with the quality of the divot tool and ball marker.

Craig C.
Very nice tool!

Love the tool, even if I haven't been able to use it outside yet. Ball marker is very nice and love the saying on it. Magnet is very strong. Shipping was amazing fast from across the world.

Peter Reeves
Quality Divot Tool

Bought as gift and it’s a definite hit. Nice heavy weight and fits perfectly in your hand. Top grades for both style and functionality.