No Escape (The Tuba)

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The Tuba. It's in all of us. No matter how well we're doing, there is always that slow, fading in of the tuba coming. The topped shot, the chunked chip, keeping it in the bunker for 5 shots, the duck hook for the triple bogey. The song is Panama Hat, and you can find it on youtube while you wear this shirt. Enjoy the sound, the feel of the shirt on your back and the knowledge that the Tuba lives in us all. It's the thing that brings us back down to earth. And brings the fun. Waddalife.


The fabric on this shirt has a bit more spandex in it to make it nice and stretchy and SUPER comfortable. This is easily the most comfortable fabric I have produced so far and remains cool in the heat and soft and flowing on the body in the cool. Brilliant. 

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