Life Lemon Banana Bucket

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When life gives you lemons, banana. Exactly. The Bananarama banana feather pattern on one side and the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy pattern on the other side. 


This hat is fully REVERSIBLE - Pattern on one side, and solid color on the other side for versatility.  The fabric is a dry fit material that is used in some ranges of shirts I sell in this store. The fabric remains nice and dry even in hot climates.

MEDIUM 54cm-58cm (21.5-22.75 inches) circumference around the head

LARGE 59cm-62.5cm (23.25-24.5 inches) circumference around the head

I've made the brim flexible so you can stuff it in the bag or in your pocket and it will maintain its shape. And the best part is, with a flexible brim, the wind cannot take it off your head. 

Stiff brims make hats fit only one size and allow the wind to pull the hat off your head. I've made these ones specifically flimsy for myself and my frustrations with standard bucket hats. I must say, they're awesome and I refuse to wear stiff brimmed buckets anymore. The comfort level of these and ease of transport and storage is off the charts.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph J Fenush III

Life Lemon Banana Bucket

Jay Craw
Grandma approved!

Epic hats baus, all the lovely ladies in my life dig them! Infinte comfort and swag as I cold top my driver on the first tee. The cart girls never saw it coming...

Michael Olsson
Beautiful hats

Really lovely. Now, the only thing that is missing in Sweden is summer. This is definitely not my last order.

David Nance
I love all my Waddaplaya merchandise

I have purchased 6 shirts and 10 bucket hats plus mark-repair tools and more. All the items are exactly as marketed, and the clothing wears very well in New Orleans heat and humidity. After over a year of daily golfing they still look new. Most of the hats have a dark side to help reduce glare on bright days and both hats sides look great. I originally bought them to support the Playa-In-Chief but continue because they’re fun and quality.

Greg Baca
Excellent Hat Engineering

The material is perfect for being outdoors- durable, soft, dries quickly. Fit is comfortable, you forget you have it on. Brim is slightly larger than I’m used to, much better sun protection. I purchased another for my daughter! And you can look as awesome as the Playa himself!