Double Sided GOLF SIDEKICK Ballmarker

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This is a DOUBLE SIDED ball marker! Waddaplaya!

The front side is a beautiful sand blasted feather and hard enamel encrusted PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING BIRDIES while on the back side there is a hard enamel GOLF SIDEKICK in all the colors of the channel.

Absolutely beautiful specimen. Why not pair it up with a one of a kind FEATHER IN YOUR CAP hat clip? Or would you like to rather purchase it in combination set with a DUO MARKER?

Please note:

The size of this marker is 24.5mm (just under 1 inch) in diameter.

It will fit into all divot tools. It does not have a magnet inside it, but it is magnetic so it will stick to hat clips, divot tools and magnets. 

The price shown is for ONE (1) ballmarker - two ballmarkers are shown side by side to illustrate the two sides of the marker