Emerald Green Ballmarker

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WADDAPLAYA on the top, PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING BIRDIES on the bottom complete with your own feather you can take anywhere you want - EMERALD GREEN, the color of money which pays for green fees, which leads to birdies. The math is simple.

The marker doesn't have a magnet on it but it is magnetic so it will stick to your divot tool or hat clip which has magnets in them.

Diameter of marker: 1 inch or 25mm. This ballmarker will fit into the divot tool and will adhere to the waddaplaya hat clip perfectly. 

The US quarter dollar is for size comparison only.

Customer Reviews

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It's nice, but a tad too large

The marker itself looks great. The colors are vibrant. However, I was planning to use the marker with one of my existing divot tools. The marker did not fit into any of the divot tools I currently have (a couple switchblade style Pitch Fix and a few unknown brand single piece metal divot tools). It was just a hair too large and couldn't seat itself firmly against the magnet on any of my divot tools. So rather than being able to admire this on the course, I will have to resort to admiring it on my ball marker display. If you plan to use this with a divot tool, you are probably better off buying the divot tool/ball marker combo to ensure it fits!

Stephen Varty
Wadda marker!

Strong magnet, excellent color and quality. Looks just like it does online. AOK in my book. I bought the feather divot tool too. Wadda combination, I recommend this small but important accessory to
complete your golf game and become the playa you want to be.

-playa ambassador Steve

Emerald green ball marker

Beautiful ball marker, hopefully i can hold onto this longer than I normally keep a ball marker.
Way of the playa

Marking Balls Never Felt So Good

Mark, clean, replace, sink. Birdies all day, all because of this ballmarker!

Andreas Herrmann

Emerald Green Ballmarker