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When life gives you lemons, Led Zeppelin explains to squeeze your lemon til the juice runs down your leg before getting out of bed. Then take a shower, put on the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy polo and remember, golf is fun, golf is easy, chill out. BBQ and our dog is waiting at home despite the triple bogeys and both are happy to see you when you're home. Easy life. 


The fabric on this shirt has a bit more spandex in it to make it nice and stretchy and SUPER comfortable. This is easily the most comfortable fabric I have produced so far and remains cool in the heat and soft and flowing on the body in the cool. Brilliant.


Customer Reviews

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Daniel Green
I'm a happily married man

Ladies, please! Gentlemen, calm yourselves. I'm a happily married man. It doesn't matter who you run into, this is the shirt which gets all the compliments. Just like all the other Waddaplaya polo shirts I have, these are top notch quality. Not only for the design, but the fabric is oh so sensual. Stitched collar? Check. Stretchable when you need that second hot dog at the turn? Check. 110 F (43C) outside yet not caring because these breath so well? Double check. We all have polos from the corporate big dogs, but I've honestly tossed them all and am slowly replacing with these.

James McDiarmid
Easy Peasy

A fantastic shirt.
This works for everyday wear as well as for golf. I don't think I would ever want to wear anything else!

Alex Wheeler
Easy Peasy.....Compliments galore!!!!

Such a fantastic shirt! Walking to the clubhouse to check in for my tee time, started receiving compliments right away! Quite a few folks asked where I got the shirt and told them to check out waddaplaya and also check out Baus Matt on the Golf Sidekick YouTube channel.

I have ordered many other shirts from waddaplaya and Easy Peasy fits just as well as the others. Fits perfect! Doesn't shrink in the wash! Brings positive vibes for everyone in striking distance!

Thanks Matt!

Brian Foran
Easy Peasy Shirt

Hi Baus
I love the new shirt just awaiting the good days to return for golf to show off new clothing . Size have really improved with the new spandex material
Very very comfortable shirt -- Love it
Kind Regards

Brian Foran

Austin Sanders
Great Polo

The polo helped me break 100