Duo Ball Marker Set

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Absolutely classy - made by the same manufacturers who produce for Pebble Beach, Kingsbarnes, St Andrews and all the tops courses. Hard enamel with all the good Golf Sidekick goodness packed into it. 

A big ballmarker to keep your smaller one so it doesn't get lost and to use the big one for long putts. Smaller one for shorter putts. It's the ultimate.

Sandblasted feather on the front, hard enamel on the back. A small magnet holds your smaller marker in place within the big marker. I don't even know how to contain my excitement!!!



VERY IMPORTANT: This is sold as as set which contains TWO PIECES ONLY:

ONE (1) large ballmarker which has the WADDAPLAYA and FEATHER border on the front, and GOLF SIDEKICK MAKE GOLF FUN AGAIN on the back.

ONE (1) smaller ballmarker which fits inside the bigger one. This is also double sided. Planting Feathers Growing Birdies on one side, and the GOLF SIDEKICK logo on the other.

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