Decision Coin Feather or Tuba

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Playas, sometimes you need to make a decision. You can use this DOUBLE SIDED coin to help you decide...driver? Or 5 iron? Through the gap in the tree? Or chip it to the fairway?

Are you going to take the Birdie Music route or are you going Tuba Style? No one can escape the Tuba! We all feel it warming up in the background. But we all strive for that Birdie Thumping Tune.

And once you're on the green though, you know if you're lining up the birdie tune, or polishing that tuba. This coin keeps it real. 

This coin is 32mm in diameter - 1 and 3/8th inches. The coin is about 5mm thick - 3/16th inch

These coins come in GOLD and SILVER. I tried to represent the true color in the images!

The price shown is for one (1) coin - the pictures show two coins to illustrate the double-sided images. 

Customer Reviews

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Doug Muldowney
Quality work

Very nice feel in the hand and pocket. It’s got some great weight to it. Love the fun decision nature of the sides, as well as using the birdie side as your ball marker to remind you jam that putt.

Rob Lang
Gunmetal Feather Divot Tool and BLUE Marker Set

I had bought my Feather Divot Tool last year. My Son-In-Law saw me using it & commented on how good it looked and the quality of it. So, I got him one too. He used it this past weekend and planted a couple of birdies. Loves it. The Quality of Craftsmanship is excellent. The customer service is excellent.

Janet King
Great shirt

My husband loves the shirt! Fun design but not too flashy. Nice material and great fit.

Feather Coin

Planting birdies all over the world!

Jason Blevins
For those indecisive moments.

This little jewel has brought an element of fun to my game. Not only does it give me something to fidget with as I think. If I’m torn I can choose to let fate decide my strategy!