Cosmic Playa Energy Polo

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Planet Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy has rings around it. The moons orbit around your feathers. Your tuba is the center of the universe. Lime wedges and lemon peels are all around. Uranus has never looked this good. Big Richard Energy into the stratosphere, to the moon! There's no energy like Cosmic Playa Energy!!!!

Be careful, if you sky a golf ball off the top of your drive face, while wearing this shirt, it will not come down. It's going to be up there with the Teslas in space. 

This polo has a matching bucket hat: CLICK HERE

  • 92% Polyester 8% Spandex single-jersey knit soft and stretchy
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying
  • UPF50+
  • Sizing examples in the images attached
  • Remains cool and light during the hottest days

Customer Reviews

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Angry B Golfer

Love my waddyaplaya golf shirts. And designs I wear them on the course and to work. People love them and always ask were I got them. They are super comfortable and perfect for playing.

Jonathan Copeland
Cosmic Shirt

Harnesses all of the right stellar energy from across the universe to get me into the right mindset to hit my shot. The fit is comfortable and breathable, even in 30⁰+ heat and 80% humidity in Singapore I don't find myself needing to change shirts after 3 holes.

Would highly recommend for anybody wanting to look and play like they're from outta space.

Reid Finney
Golf Polo

I simply love the design of my polo from waddaplaya. They are all so unique and they look and feel so excellent.
They've held up very well in the warmer Australian weather and I couldn't recommend these polos enough. Especially if you want to become and absolute savage beast breaking any and all score barriers you've set yourself.

Premium quality, really great stuff.

Fits great (measurements accurate), and the softest material! It's like athletic silk (I..e. super soft but breathable)

Cassandra Keys
Such a happy playa

Made my husband start smacking and waggling just like Manolo.... well not really but he certainly looks like a boss while playing now in full playa style 😎