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Waddaplaya Golf

Cherry Red Ballmarker

Cherry Red Ballmarker

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25% off a second ballmarker.

Add another ballmarker of any design and get 25% off a second ballmarker.

WADDAPLAYA on the top, PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING BIRDIES on the bottom complete with your own feather you can take anywhere you want - nothing like staring at anything CHERRY RED. Am I right?

The marker doesn't have a magnet on it but it is magnetic so it will stick to your divot tool or hat clip which has magnets in them.

Diameter of marker: 1 inch or 25mm. This ballmarker will fit into the divot tool and will adhere to the waddaplaya hat clip perfectly. 

The US quarter dollar is for size comparison only.

Care Instructions

For polos, t-shirts, towels, and bucket hats

-Machin wash at or below 30°C or 80°F

-Do not use bleach, or harsh detergent

-Turn clothes inside out

-Line dry or tumle dry low

-Do not iron

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dan H
Planting feathers, growing birdies 🦅

The way of the playa doesn’t just apply to golf, it’s a lifestyle - positivity, focusing on the good, course management, taking things one stroke at a time - you name it. Every time on the green this ball marker reminds me of these concepts, planting so many feathers my birdie putts (soon to be eagle putts now that I have the feather divot tool) are automatic. This ball marker guarantees putting with confidence. It’s a must have for playas world-wide.

Travis Wheeler
Pure quality

I mean, you cant get better quality from here. Top notch service all the way around

Thomas Morsanutto
Looks better in person

The ball marker has a great design and looks high quality between the materials and paint chosen. I picked it up (along with other items) as gifts to friends and family.

Dennison Hunt
Great ball marker

Love the design and color of this ball marker. Seems to be standard size and fits perfectly onto the magnet of my divot tool. Definitely stands out on the green. I shot my best round ever first time out using this ball marker. (For real)

Thomas Hendrick
Quality material

Wadda bucket hat! Material is nice and keeps the sun off your head. The first time I wore it the guys I teed off with immediately recognized it from the channel.