Bright Side of the Road The Bucket

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The orange on the reverse side of this beautiful watercolor is indeed the brightest orange you may have ever seen. i wouldn't settle for anything less. I tried 4 different shades but none worked. I needed people to find me in the thunder storms when it gets dark in SE Asia in the late afternoon. I needed people to know where I was at any moment on the course. but then i wanted to go incognito when I needed to so I contrasted the ORANGE with a lovely watercolor of a tranquil garden after the thunderstorm has passed, leaving the setting sun to wash away the pain....I mean rain. In this sea of negativity, there will always be the Golf Sidekick, bringing the vibe.



They come in 2 sizes: 

Medium 59-61cm (23-24 inches) circumference around the head

Large 62cm-64cm (24.5 - 25.5 inches) circumference around the head

I've made the brim flexible so you can stuff it in the bag or in your pocket and it will maintain its shape. And the best part is, with a flexible brim, the wind cannot take it off your head. 

Stiff brims make hats fit only one size and allow the wind to pull the hat off your head. I've made these ones specifically flimsy for myself and my frustrations with standard bucket hats. I must say, they're awesome and I refuse to wear stiff brimmed buckets anymore. The comfort level of these and ease of transport and storage is off the charts.