Polo sizing guide

How is the sizing of polos? Western or Asian cut?

The polo shirts are a larger cut. 


  • American playas seem to fit into similar sizes as their polos from home.
  • European playas often find their correct size is one lower than their home country. So for example, if they wear LARGE in Europe, then a Waddaplaya MEDIUM is more suitable.
  • Asian playas almost always need to size down from a LARGE to a MEDIUM or MEDIUM to SMALL. Please do check the sizing chart below.

Here is the sizing chart - have a look and if you find you have ordered the wrong size, please email me at so I can change it like a baus.

1. You'll need to measure your current favorite shirt across the chest, armpit to armpit and double that measurement in inches.
2. Then from the bottom of the collar on the back of the shirt, to the bottom of the shirt.