Cosmic Playa Energy Polo

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Playa, please check the sizing chart - most people find the best fit is one size smaller than their usual. Polos are a large cut.

Planet Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy has rings around it. The moons orbit around your feathers. Your tuba is the center of the universe. Lime wedges and lemon peels are all around. Uranus has never looked this good. Big Richard Energy into the stratosphere, to the moon! There's no energy like Cosmic Playa Energy!!!!

Be careful, if you sky a golf ball off the top of your drive face, while wearing this shirt, it will not come down. It's going to be up there with the Teslas in space. 

This polo has a matching bucket hat: CLICK HERE

  • 92% Polyester 8% Spandex single-jersey knit soft and stretchy
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying
  • UPF50+
  • Sizing examples in the images attached
  • Remains cool and light during the hottest days

Customer Reviews

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Big Baus Cosmic Powers

Sensuality abounds, I was striping my 3 wood all day, not one mishit. This is usually my hardest club to hit. I am on the par 5 smoking the fairway wood and my playing partner says to me "Oh man that was pure" Did the stars align? Perhaps the cosmic powers of this playa polo had something to do with it...

Ignacio Agote Robertson
Perfect Polo

Perfect material, perfect fit, perfect design, perfect polo!
Can't wait to give this a shot tomorrow at my local league, I can already feel the 10 under par that I'm gonna shoot :)

Jon Golm
Cosmic Energy

This T-shirt gives me the cosmic energy I need to Have Fun, Stay Focused and make the birdies happen. I took all the money from my friends on a Sanibel island golf trip…and we are all still friends! 👍👍

brendan kinsley
Lowered my handicap by 20 shoots over night

I was lost in the on the course before buying this shirt routinely shooting in the 100’s since my purchase though My handicap is down to a 7. But in all seriousness feels just as good as my Peter Millars that are a hundred bucks a pop. Buy one of these and use that money you saved to play more golf. Waddaplay wadda life.

Josephus Nolte
WhaddaBuddy Present

Buddy looks more like a Playa, making him very grateful. Buddy still working hard on his whaddagame...