Hat Clip Feather Set

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PUT A FEATHER IN YOUR CAP with a hat clip and ball marker set, playas and get birdie-making!

It's a hard enamel top, shaped into 3 waddaplaya feathers. Magnet inside the hat clip means you can stick your favorite metal ballmarker on it.

It took 6 renditions to get to this point! The magnet inside this hard enamel hat clip will hold any magnetic material ballmarker including the double sided GOLF SIDEKICK ball marker and the JEWEL waddaplaya ball marker.

Please note:

The price shown is for ONE (1) hat clip and ONE (1) ball marker.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Abraham
Guaranteed to lower handicap

They say what you think upon, you manifest… and I didn’t know how true that was until I was in possession of this hat clip ball marker set. Just having it on my body while playing, my handicap dropped, and birdies started showing up everywhere. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery or magic conjured this up…. Or from what fires it came, but I’d recommend everyone get one for themselves, and one for a buddy (because we aren’t selfish… just not a buddy you play regular golf with..) ASAP. This is an awesome product!

Feather hat clip

I love this thing! Looks great and the magnet is very strong.

Peter Hass
16% gain in fairway accuracy

With this hatclip activated you will hit those bombs straight down the fairway, shaving a few off your over all score.
The clip contains a strong magnet holding your new Waddaplaya ball marker. Or you old favourite one.

Daniel Green
The product I didn't know I needed

I've never been a hat clip kinda playa, but this has converted me. Perfect weight, strong magnet, styles for days. If you're a pocket ball marker individual, give this a try. You won't be disappointed.

Michael Valle
Love my hat clip feather set

I can't believe how quickly I received my hat clip from Thailand to Australia. The quality, design and craftmanship is awesome! Comes with authentic playa mojo. Thank you so much Baus Matt