Decision Coin Feather or Tuba

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Playas, sometimes you need to make a decision. You can use this DOUBLE SIDED coin to help you decide...driver? Or 5 iron? Through the gap in the tree? Or chip it to the fairway?

Are you going to take the Birdie Music route or are you going Tuba Style? No one can escape the Tuba! We all feel it warming up in the background. But we all strive for that Birdie Thumping Tune.

And once you're on the green though, you know if you're lining up the birdie tune, or polishing that tuba. This coin keeps it real. 

This coin is 32mm in diameter - 1 and 3/8th inches. The coin is about 5mm thick - 3/16th inch

These coins come in GOLD and SILVER. I tried to represent the true color in the images!

The price shown is for one (1) coin - the pictures show two coins to illustrate the double-sided images. 

Customer Reviews

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Jason Blevins
For those indecisive moments.

This little jewel has brought an element of fun to my game. Not only does it give me something to fidget with as I think. If I’m torn I can choose to let fate decide my strategy!

Jay Song
Thanks Matt you make me a better player

Hi Matt, greetings from South Korea.

I subscribed golfsidekick about 3 years ago when I was desperately finding ways to break 100.

Though there's a still far way to break 90s, but I enjoy watch your journey of finding the way of playa.

Your dedication to golf made me buy your divot tools and ballmarkers. And they arrived in a week in a very good condition. I gave Decisin Coin and Tuba to my friends and they are just fascinated. But they prefer Zenlightment because it is lighter than those two

Anyway I am very satisfied with your product and delivery. Very much thanks to you.

Josh Yabsley
Great quality product. Beautifully weighted coin


Glenn Murray
Never the Tuba with these Products!

Excellent products, I bought the M golf shirt and an 6'0 185 lbs - fits perfect. will buy more.

Peter Browne

Decision Coin Feather or Tuba