If a product does not meet your expectation, please contact playacare@waddaplayagolf.com to sort it out and find an easy solution in the form of a refund or a new item or store credit.

Depending on the shipping method used, replacement items may be delayed until the Covid situation is over. 

Your satisfaction is the most important. Please free to drop me a line at playacare@waddaplayagolf.com and let me know of any issues so we can solve any problems at all.

RETURNS: Please EMAIL us for returns and replacements. We are very reasonable and generous with our returns.

Returns or exchanges or refund requests must be lodged with us VIA EMAIL within 28 days after RECEIVING the package. A package is considered "received" after the courier or postal service has registered it as "DELIVERED". The 28 days begins from, and includes that date. 

For US customers, returns will be made to a postal address within the USA. We will confirm this address with you via email after you email us regarding your return. You will have to pay the local shipping rate.

For UK and EU customers, returns will be made to a postal address within the UK. We will confirm this address with you via email after you email us regarding your return. You will have to pay the local shipping rate.

Kindly email us for confirmation and assistance regarding your order if you've ordered the wrong size, or design, and we'll get replacements out to you as soon as we can as well as receive your returned item at our forwarding service inside the UK or the USA.

VERY IMPORTANT: We take great pride in solving issues in ways that delight. Any social media posting, or messaging platforms outside of EMAIL may not result in corrective action as we may miss these posts or messages due to the nature of social media and influx of daily messages on those platforms. Please always contact us via EMAIL ONLY. We cannot provide top service if your first port of call is social media.

For refunds on items, the postage return to our forwarding service in the US and UK/EU will be at the expense of the customer.

We will replace and/or refund the items once they are in possession of our forwarder. 

NOTE: Please declare the total value of all items in any package returned to waddaplayagolf with a maximum total value of NO MORE THAN $30 US and mark it as a GIFT. Items must be in original condition in order to be refunded if a refund is required. Any damage to the product will result in refusal of refund.

We refund only the value of the goods. Shipping charges paid to waddaplayagolf are not refundable. 

RIGHT TO CANCEL RESERVED: We reserve the right to refund any purchases for any reason whatsoever and cancel the order before it is packed and sent. In instances like these due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund is issued to the customer including shipping, and items are not sent. If items have not been shipped, the shipping fees will also be refunded.

Potential reasons for this type of action include and are not restricted to remoteness of location and distance from a town or city impacting shipping costs, an order not able to be fulfilled due to last minute stock shortage, postage system issues out of our control, or customer requests to cancel an order or any other reason waddaplayagolf sees fit. 

NON REFUNDABLE: Not liking the pattern or design which is depicted clearly on the website in the pictures is not grounds for a refund. Refunds will be made for items that are defective and are not up to quality standards. We check every item we send and defects are removed from sellable stock. 

If two sizes of any one design of hats or shirts are ordered, we will only issue refunds once we have the incorrect sized item in hand.

By purchasing identical-patterned two shirts or two hats in different sizes, you understand and agree that in the event of a return or refund request, that you will return the size that does not fit, via DHL, to our address in Bangkok and declare the value of the shirt at $9US and the hat at $7 and mark the item as a gift. You may also return the item to our mail forwarder if we have a forwarder in your region of the UK/EU and USA.

The shipping cost for the return on the above-mentioned item will be paid by the customer, and any import duties or taxes and fees imposed on waddaplayagolf when receiving the item will be deducted from the value that will be refunded.

IMPORTANT: Any items declared in the package higher than the amount stipulated above ($9) that causes undue inconvenience and import charges to us, will be abandoned and the refund will not be issued. 

We will supply the address for the return via email. The shirt or hat must be in its original condition and be unused. Any shirt or hat containing body odor or other undesirable characteristics will not be honored for refund/return/exchange. The shirt must be folded in the original style and packaging. The hat must be unused and must not smell of body odor or have any markings on it. There are to be no stains or marks on any items in order for a refund to be issued. 

Please use the sizing chart provided on every shirt sales page to estimate your size. By purchasing, you agree to measure your body and compare it to the sizing chart. By ordering two sizes of the same shirt or hat, you agree that in the case of a return or refund request, you will adhere to the aforementioned conditions.